What Is:ZONER is a rock/metal band.Of course,we can argue forever about what rock and especially metal is,in this day and age but that's another story.Influences range from ABBA to ZAPPA via all the VERY best in pop,rock,prog,punk,funk,disco,hard,heavy and thrash.ZONER songs cover a pretty wide spectrum and tend to deviate from the norm.

What Should Never Be:Even though ZONER's sound and infuences scream 70's and reek 80's it is by no means a retro band.MOST imprortantly it's NOT "new" or "nu"(that gets old next week)or NWOFSODMM (New Wave Of Fuckin Songless One Dimensional Modern Metal).No "cookie monster" vocals ,no bullshit dark imagery ,no ridiculous metal cliche mannerisms,no fantasy lyrics,no bloody double kick drums from start to finish...and the list goes on...
BUT if you missed the way records used to be...an aural 40 min rewarding journey into the unknown ,then...WELCOME!
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